PPGTA Alumni


The graduate students of the Graduate Program in Environmental Technologies at UFMS (PPGTA / UFMS) have, for decades, assumed a crucial role in society, contributing in a decisive way to the economic, scientific and social development of the country .

The network of Alumni students has great strategic relevance to society, providing direct access to a network of Alumni, holders of excellent technical and scientific knowledge who can serve as drivers of knowledge and manpower to boost science, industry and public management, in a coherent and assertive manner.

Its main lines of action are based on three main areas:

  • Continuous and permanent training;
  • Articulation and updating of knowledge;
  • Strengthening of a community oriented towards scientific and technological production.

The PPGTA seeks to maintain the link between successive generations of Alumni, revising itself in the excellence of the quality of education it maintains, supporting new graduates to conceive an image of the future that they will be able to build following those who preceded them.

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PPGTA Alumni Testimonials


“I am very grateful to the Environmental Technologies program. The theoretical basis of the Master, where I used Numerical Methods, Mathematical Modeling, Optimization etc. first of all, it enabled me to achieve academic results, such as obtaining the title of Doctor by USP de São Carlos. The theoretical basis obtained in the PGTA Graduate Program helped me in the development of algorithms that were incorporated into software called INFOSAN, which was acquired in 2018 by an American multinational company (Itron).

Currently, I am as Director of Digital Solutions in Latin America at Accell, working on the development of new solutions and application of IoT in the Water, Gas, Energy and Smart Cities markets. Finally, I can affirm that the main differential of the PGTA is multidisciplinarity, allowing professionals who attend the program to expand their area of expertise in the market.”


“UFMS is an educational institution that clearly values ​​excellence in all aspects. You are treated well from the front door and all employees receive you politely. It is incredible how they mobilize themselves to solve any student setbacks, the coordination and board are always accessible and are willing to listen to you. The structure is excellent for several reasons: parking, snack bar / restaurant; the bathroom is always sanitized; the corridors and internal spaces are wide, the classrooms spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned, with quality audiovisual resources, laboratory infrastructure, there is also a room for students of the program to live together in a social and study environment.

The teachers are undoubtedly among the best in the country (qualified and with high scientific productivity), it is a great opportunity to meet great professionals, and another great difference is the possibility of keeping in touch with the teachers even after the modules are finished, doubts, giving professional advice, in short, everything that is necessary, being always solicitous and dedicated.

I have a degree in Physics from UFSCAR, I already took a master’s degree in agricultural meteorology at UFV, such was my satisfaction when I was a student in the first class of the PhD course in Environmental Technologies at UFMS and the first student to defend the title of doctor. The course surprised me positively in spite of being a beginner course, it has defined lines of research and work materials with excellent bibliographic references, offering perspectives and contacts for future works in partnerships with other HEIs. The plans after completing the doctorate were carried out with continuous improvement, seeking to become an increasingly better professional.

But it is important to make it clear that in the PhD course at UFMS, you not only study theory, but also practice, allowing you to apply the lessons in the first module, you acquire more knowledge, feel more secure, and, if necessary , has the support of the best professionals / teachers in the country. It is a course that really leaves you prepared for your professional life


“The Graduate Program in Environmental Technologies was a game changer in my professional career and positively changed the way I think, position and face various sectors of life. I am a professor today at a Federal University, inspired by all the professionals and teachings I received. With a competent faculty and a complete grade I had the opportunity to attend classes and do research in modern laboratories, with professionals with a lot of didactics and qualifications. I have a relationship of friendship, respect and admiration with all the technical professionals and teachers of the program, always valuing the name of the program and UFMS.”